Reviews for "A Different Plan"

I have just finished the book. It is a great book, unbelievably moving to me. It was heart wrenching to me to hear the beginning (I cried). It was exciting to see the accomplishments that you have made. (It made me want to do more.) It was so expiring to me the way the Lord changed your life. (It gave me hope). Altogether I’m in amazement of what you and the Lord have created. I feel privileged to have this book. Wow!
Housewife and mother
A Different Plan is a compelling account of the life of Johannes Adendorff. The events so vividly portrayed in this book, are a true account of how the author’s life was transformed by his faith and belief in God. From brutal and harrowing encounters in school, we follow an adrenaline-filled life of skydiving in the US, dramatic encounters in South Africa, and a new phase of life in Germany. During his many experiences, the writer develops his faith and trust in God, and it is his hope that the principles conveyed within these pages will provide heart and encouragement to anyone willing to follow Jesus.
Brian Cross
Your book brought me to tears many times. In awe of God working in your life, and sorrow for the pain you endured. Learning you suffered through cancer came as a complete shock. The horrendous treatment, the doctor’s mistake with the tubing that nearly cost you your life, and the guidance you received from the Lord are things I will be mulling over for a long time.
Blogger and Writer
A Different Plan is a story that offers a glimpse into the world of youthful recklessness and ignorance, as well as human transformation. From not knowing where he is going to finding a faith that helps him even through a horrendous cancer diagnosis, Johannes' story tugs at our heartstrings and offers us a guide to conquering our fears through the simple virtues of trust and faith.
Elizabeth Bates